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Marika Djolai


Marika Djolai is a Peace, Conflict and Development Consultant and policy analyst of the Western Balkans and Eurasia politics. She was Head of Eurasia Programme at International Alert and worked for  BBC Media Action, Westminster Foundation for Democracy and donor agencies. She holds a PhD in Development Studies (Conflict and Violence) from the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex and MSc in Anthropology and Ecology of Development from University College London. She also attended post-graduate courses on post-communist transition and European integration processes at the University of Bologna. Marika has been engaged in politics, independent media and civil society activities in her native Novi Sad, most notably for EXIT foundation, local newspaper “Nezavisni” and as a co-founder of Charity “Panonija”. Since 1999 she is based in the UK where she worked for the UK political establishment, the BBC Media Action and most recently for International Alert as Head of Eurasia Programme  responsible for strategic leadership on building peace in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia. She also lived and worked in Bosnia and Herzegovina for several years managing projects and conducting research for UNICEF, the British Council and her own PhD thesis.


Twitter: @madzarica



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