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Marika Djolai

Marika Djolai (PhD, University of Sussex) is a Senior Researcher and Head of Conflict and Security Cluster at the European Centre for Minority Issues. She holds master’s degrees from the University of Novi Sad and University College London, UK, and she received her Doctorate in Development Studies (Conflict and Violence) in 2016 from the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex. She was a Visiting Researcher at the Faculty of Political Science in Sarajevo in 2012 and won a Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Centre for Advanced Studies of Southeast Europe, University of Rijeka. Marika has been engaged in politics, independent media and civil society activities in her native Novi Sad, most notably working with EXIT foundation, local newspaper “Nezavisni”, as a co-founder of Charity “Panonija” and NGO “House of Tolerance”. Since 1999 she is based in the UK where she worked for the UK political establishment, as FCO advisor and for International Alert as Head of Eurasia Programme among others. Her research focuses on community dynamics, social identities and post-war group interactions, minority rights and securitisation of minorities. Her policy work is oriented towards the EU accession of the Western Balkans countries, bilateral disputes resolution and democratisation. She is Editor of 'Igranka Demokratija' monthly column in MILICA Magazine.