The Balkans in Europe Policy Advisory Group
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Erwan Fouéré

Erwan Fouéré is an Associate Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS). Prior to joining CEPS, he was the first to assume joint responsibilities of EU Special Representative and Head of Delegation in the EU External Service when he was appointed in this double capacity in Macedonia (2005), where he served for five years up to his retirement from the EU Institutions. He was also a Special Representative for the Irish 2012 Chairmanship of the OSCE, with special responsibility for the Transdniestrian settlement process, Head of Delegation in Slovenia leading to accession, and the first Head of Delegation in South Africa (1994) and the first Head of EC Delegations in Mexico and Cuba (1989). His area of research is on the EU’s role in the Balkans with a specific focus on Macedonia.